We believe that the best view belongs to the ones who risks for the greatest challenges. Our mission is to lay eyes where no one is watching and discover an infinite digital trails that connect consumers, brands e products through amazing experiences.


We analyze your brand and your digital acquisition experience. If we believe that the product and experience are spectacular, we start looking at which paths we will take your potential customers to reach you.


Hike does not use any traditional media channels. We’ll go where you are not present, so we can multiply your reach and sales force.


We’ ll integrate with your sales systems through APIs and monitor all the funneling steps of customers we bring in.


If converts, you pay us. If not, you don't pay us. Simple as that.


Risky? Not even a little. The incredible always sells.

We settle for nothing less than the top, just as we are tireless trail explorers who help businesses and consumers to connect. During our journey, we've come across great products that just need a little push to become successful. Proving our adventurous spirit, we propose an innovative model: we create a daring goal together and if we achieve it, we’ll earn an equity of our company and become partners. Interested? Take a Hike